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My friend Ronda from In The Seam just announced brand new vintage NYC Subway Token Pillows! They are official MTA-licensed products, each one going for $55! Get one now!


Food Beast comes across this unusual find. No, that’s not a real leg of ham. It’s a pillow that looks like a real leg of ham. It’s about $22.


Don’t like the idea of traditional eye covers for sleeping? Then you might want to try a more casual approach with the HoodiePillow Pillowcase. It’s a standard-sized pillowcase that incorporates the top portion of a hoodie which you can then pull over your eyes to hide from the person sleeping next to you in bed. […]


Do you dream of sweets at night? This giant cupcake pillow for $23.95 certainly won’t curb your habit.

Fellow Parsons alumn Mizy Juhn needs your help making these cute and fun plush pillows a reality! She’s looking to raise $5000 to make an initial line of these pillows and possibly expand into clothing as well. These family heads would make a great gift for all ages! If you donate $10 or more, you […]