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Jalopnik posted this really cool video of a Harrier pilot with a front landing gear malfunction landing his jet on a “stool” made just for these emergencies. Precision!

I would not have the balls to do what this VICE reporter did. I do not want to be flying in planes that are in danger of falling apart while in-flight. Glad nothing terrible happened I guess, but man, what a risk to take just for a story.

Before drones became popular in wartime, the US had reconnaissance missions during WWII that outfitted Spitfire fighter jets with cameras. It was a risky thing to do, especially when these pilots were flying into enemy airspace with no weapons or assistance. This short documentary takes old footage of a pilot’s 1944 Spitfire plane crash and […]

Nope, not fake. The NTSB has confirmed than an intern mistakenly confirmed the racially insensitive names.