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First a rhythmic gymnast throws a pitch. Now an actress that also knows Taekwondo throws a pitch at a baseball game. If this was what baseball was like more often, I’d watch just to se the insane pitches.

Saul Bass’ Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign in the ’70s

The good stuff begins at around the 7-minute mark. AT&T uploaded this video of Saul Bass’ original pitch for the Bell System logo and branding redesign back in the ’70s. Intertwined with telephone system sounds, Saul Bass explains the reasoning behind every single part of his design which not only goes on a logo but […]

Aaron Draplin’s pitch for Field Notes from Paul Searle on Vimeo. LISTEN TO AARON. GO BUY FIELD NOTES!

Kottke posted this video from Jim Henson. It shows a muppet pitching his own show to CBS and imagining a future filled with cash, fame, and love for all muppets. Funny thing is, this is exactly what happened. Jim Henson can see the future!

The Lexus LFA is not only a great looking car but it can also produce the right frequency of sound to break champagne glasses. See? It does many things! [via]