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If this was how every pizza parlor made pizza selection off a menu, I would never eat anything but pizza for the rest of my life.

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This surely is one of the weirdest single-serving websites I’ve ever come across. Used To Be A Pizza Hut isn’t a list of all former locations of Pizza Hut restaurants. Nope. It’s better than that. It’s a list of all currently-in-business locations that used to be Pizza Hut restaurants. Maybe a bank moved in, or it […]

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Just a heads up: Pizza Hut Canada has launched a Pizza Hut perfume. There were only 110 bottles made, all of which were given out to lucky Facebook fans. Too bad.

Pizza Hut’s food creations are fast becoming SNL sketches. We all remember Taco Town right?

At least in this commercial it does. Pizza Hut’s Super Pan pizza, a pizza with an oozing crust, is made so good in this commercial that the man shown proposes to his girlfriend. SPECIAL PLACE FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION. [via]