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Out of context, Pauline Magnenat’s photos in her series entitled Missing are quite calm and beautiful. It’s only when you realize that these are photographs of places where people have gone missing do the photos begin to haunt your body and give you goosebumps. There’s something about these that are unnerving, and rightly so, because […]

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Along with Hidden Los Angeles, Atlas Obscura just became one of my favorite websites. Their collection of LA gems is small and tempting.


This past week and a half has been absolutely lovely. Seeing friends from out of town every day, eating good food, exploring new places, riding bikes, and learning about Hurricane Sandy through every means of social networking, it’s truly been a hectic but fun time. If you know me well I’ve probably already shared some […]

5 Boroughs, 6 Months: a visual experiment in New York City from max touhey on Vimeo. Max Touhey has an interesting way of creating time-lapse videos. Hardly a tripod shot in this entire thing and he seems to shoot with burst mode on as a default. He’s a bit of an urban explorer as you […]


Photo: Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images The Atlantic has a great post up of places around the world that are completely void of people. Thanks for this Hud!


Photo: AP Photo/Library of Congress The Atlantic has a feature post about the places where the Civil War was fought. The photos are a raw and graphic look at the war which took place over 150 years ago. The photographs show soldiers, cities, and citizens all living with the reality of war very close to […]