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Seth Godin’s hypothesis of how objects and ideas go viral and get spread from person to person really plays a party in my daily life I think. No longer are items being marketed to the “safe” consumer growing at exponential rates. Instead, I’ve been seen a huge increase in very specifically tailored objects and services […]


Click image to enlarge Sorry for the gross image above, but the facts are facts. CIGARETTES WILL DO THIS TO YOUR TOES. Anyway, here’s the big news: This past Wednesday, Australia became the first country in the world to introduce a law into Parliament to have standardized packaging for cigarettes. The proposed plain packaging will […]

If you ever find yourself alone in the middle of the forest, stop and take a closer look around you. There might be a whole army of people watching you pee. Thanks Chris!


I’m very much liking these paintings of ordinary looking houses by Robyn Sweaney, who takes her artistic inspiration from her hometown of Mullumbimby. If you are in NSW, Australia, Robyn’s work will be on display at the Iain Dawson gallery from November 10-21.