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File this one under ‘Black Friday weekend’ I guess, but if you don’t already know, UNIQLO is having pretty decent sales at their store in SoHo. If you go there now, you’ll find packs of plain crew neck (and V-neck) T-shirts for just $2.90 instead of the regular $4.90. It’s a great deal for what […]


So news has been going around lately that McDonald’s in Japan is experimenting with a concept store that has no McDonald’s branding whatsoever. The stores are strictly black, red, and white and do not feature the famous “golden arches” anywhere. What’s even weirder (or cooler) is that the menu is limited as well, consisting only […]


We Made This takes a look at the idea of de-branding cigarette packs in order to curb the effects of smoking on the general population [in the UK]. Apparently, the Department of Health in the UK is considering the idea of de-branding cigarettes — outlawing logos, colors, graphics — and instead using standardized plain/white packs […]