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Sick photo from Brooklyn Machine Works! This is the same platform that was featured in the Tengu: God of Mischief subway skating video.

Colid Read uploaded another similar video of skateboarders inside subway trains earlier, but this one from a skate video called TENGU: GOD OF MISCHIEF includes much longer footage of skaters taking over the subway platforms and trains. Not exactly new footage, but certainly a video that I haven’t seen as a whole.

Is this a part of Pennsylvania’s proposed “High Line Park”? It looks like it, but I don’t know PA enough to say for sure.

Pretty much exactly as I saw the station a few weeks back. Looks like they don’t really do much here during the day. At night though it does get pretty busy with workers.

Quite possibly the only video worth watching of the abandoned 42nd Street Times Square lower level subway station. As far as I know, this is one of the hardest abandoned stations to get into simply because of its proximity to Times Square (one of the most heavily policed areas in NYC). The abandoned station seen […]