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Ghost is a beautiful new online writing platform that focuses purely on blogging. It was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter which means that it will soon be available to the general public for free. That’s spectacular and I’m actually pretty excited to try it.

Wow, after watching this video, I cannot wait for John and his team to release Ghost. He takes the best of what WordPress used to be and combines it with some of the greatest programming minds of the day to create a visually captivating blogging platform with blogging at the forefront. I can stand behind […]


Gawker Media’s family of sites are all slowly making the transition towards a new platform known as Kinja. Yesterday, Gizmodo unveiled their new Kinja-based look which puts content up front and center along with fostering a more appropriate communication platform and engaging experience for the user. Unlike the last redesign that Gawker Media sites had, […]

Who sticks their hand all the way into the can? Don’t you just tip the can to let the chips slide out?