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Lovely cards, although I wish they spent some more time being a bit more original with the face cards.


It’s a playing card kind of day! Theory11 is selling these playing cards by Daniel Madison called Players for just under $6!

Theory 11 releases this new deck of playing cards designed by Daniel Madison. It’s called PLAYERS and it’s available right now for $5.95!


I love this because it shows that Jeremy Lin is just a normal kid. At the age of 15, Jeremy had posted these images of himself impersonating different NBA stars on his Xanga and Deadspin managed to dig it up! It’s hilarious! This kid is so likeable!


This is quite amazing. For a special video piece for The New York Times, comedian Andy Samberg and photographer Walter Iooss Jr. got together to shoot photos of famous tennis players without the actual tennis players being on set. How? Well, they got Andy Samberg to act as every single player. The result is hilarious.