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one tab

I am going to make use of this so much! One Tab is a Chrome browser extension that saves your open tabs as a list that you can recall one by one if needed. The purpose of this extension is to reduce memory usage — from many tabs being open to just one tab being […]


Sutherland Boswell has created a plugin for WordPress called Retinamatic that automatically sets your images in your blog to be Retina-display ready so long as the image uploaded is big enough. For $5, it’s a painless way to get things looking right on new displays.


This is by far the best plugin/extension I’ve used for Google Chrome. YouTube Options for Google Chrome¬†gives you a host of settings for YouTube that range from disabling auto-play to blocking ads to redesigning the site itself for better video viewing. From now on, this is a must on all Chrome browsers I use!

To some, the Twixtor plugin might be a cheap trick, but I actually like watching the videos that people share using that plugin. Not everybody can afford a camera that can capture real slow-motion so I’m totally applauding those who have taken the time to learn how to substitute thousands of dollars worth of equipment […]


So I came across a weird discovery today via my newly updated version of Cooliris for Firefox. It turns out that Cooliris somehow skirts user’s photo permissions and allows ANYBODY to see an image uploaded to Flickr at full size. Normally, users who set their photo permissions as “¬© All rights reserved” do not allow […]


The big news in the blogging community is the release of WordPress 2.7 at 8PM EST tonight (December 4, 2008). I’ve had the pleasure of testing WP 2.7 in the past few weeks and I am excited for a final release of the blogging system. The refreshed admin panel alone is worth the upgrade along […]