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A man named Steven Morales plunged 4 stories in a car down an elevator shaft on the Upper East Side when the parking garage’s elevator malfunctioned. Lucky guy…LOOK AT THAT KEEP WATCH TATTOO HE HAS. Don’t ask me how I noticed such an unimportant detail, but there it is!

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The Daily Mail has photos from a wedding in South Africa that went horribly wrong. During a portrait session on top of a wooden deck over a lake, about 80 guests plunged into the water below after the dock gave way from the weight of all of the guests. Nobody was seriously injured, but you […]

This pilot ejects because his plane’s brakes failed and ultimately caused the jet to plunge into the water. This pilot ejects because his plane snapped the “stop-cable” which normally would prevent an aircraft from continuing on into the water. This pilot ejects because…well, I don’t know why. But his plane drops something big and then […]