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Heh, ThinkGeek is selling a pink plush toy version of the infamous blobfish. If you don’t know what this creature is, it’s basically an ugly and sad looking fish taken out of its high-pressure environment and photographed on land. Price: $40!

Hello Kitty plush toy transforms into a hamburger

This is really something! A Hello Kitty plush toy that you can invert to transform into a Hello Kitty hamburger!


Michelle Coffee of Deadly Sweet (on Etsy) turned David Cross’ character from Arrested Development (Tobias Funke) into a plush doll. The signature Blue Man costume and cut-off shorts make this outfit complete. So awesome!


A place called Child’s Own Studio in Vancouver, BC will work with your child to make one of his/her drawings a real-life toy! If you think this is a stupid idea, wait until you see the fantastic plush toys produced by these folks. Your child — and you — will fall in love with it!