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The Kaari Table is a coffee table made out a single piece of Birch plywood which curves underneath it to form an arch for support. It’s made by Johani Horelli.


WIRED just posted some photos of Stanisław Płoski’s Bonobo plywood bike. I would love to see how this feels to ride. I wonder if it bends like a skateboard does.

I have no idea why anybody would be filming such a boring scene, but this video here shows that sometimes filming the mundane can actually end up quite interesting — and scary! Watch as a loose piece of plywood suddenly breaks through the windshield of this car. I don’t think anybody was hurt, but damn, […]


Not everybody has a big house, so when Les ateliers L. McComber was asked to make a new room for a baby in a small apartment loft, they came up with a plan that put the parents literally above their baby. The 700 square foot space in Montreal, Canada was split vertically allowing the baby […]

The BackCountry blog linked to this video of a man making a homemade hoverboard out of a leaf blower and large piece of plywood (and some other miscellaneous materials). It’s not exactly what Marty McFly used in Back To The Future, but it’s the cheapest and closest thing to it. At the end of the […]