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Haha, this is so funny. I didn’t know that conductors (probably not the right term to use for somebody in the middle of the train) had to point at the black and white board.

Duncan Robson showed this supercut of the three point landing in popular film and video games. It was shown at ROFLCon III. [via]

A great argument for the right of citizens to film police. If you’re doing your job right as a government official, the increase in videos from the public shouldn’t scare you — it should make you feel more empowered. [via]

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Designer Mark S. Farris created this new take on the common nail clipper by making the pressure point of the device at the top of the clipper rather than at the end. Overall, the Klhip is more streamlined and beautiful and the only downside is that you’ll have to fork over $50 (or more) for […]


Have you ever walked down the street during a rainstorm and had your eye nearly poked out of its socket because somebody wasn’t careful with their umbrella? Well, if people can be convinced to dump their old umbrellas for a Blunt Umbrella then maybe we can finally kiss that annoying problem goodbye. It comes in […]