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Studio Moniker created Pointer Pointer, an amusing website that figures out where your cursor is and brings up a photo of somebody on the internet point to it. It’s frighteningly accurate. Give it a go here.

I guess cats aren’t the only ones, although cats are definitely more entertaining than this slow moving cockatoo. Thanks Tim!

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Pointer Hopkins sneakers in khaki canvas. Nice, but too expensive for what they are. Average price for these babies is about $100.


Click to enlarge Last night, I read about Anatoly Zenkov’s mouse tracking java applet and decided to run it on my own computer to see where exactly my cursor goes in the span of a few hours on the computer. The thin lines you see above layered over a general screenshot of my desktop shows […]

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These cream Mathieson sneakers from Pointer are great! They’ve actually got a good collection of footwear to check out too, so be sure to look around. I wonder if they’re comfortable though…