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The Silence from Maciej Puczynski on Vimeo. Maciej Puczyński and Andrzej Ripper are going to spend a year documenting the change in scenery at the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Here’s their first video showing what they have so far. Silent, haunting, and beautiful all at once.

A Reflection from Variable on Vimeo. As far as beautifully shot videos go, this is one of the best I’ve seen all week. Variable shoots this short video of a man named Władysław Tomczyk from Katowice, Poland who plays the violin near a train station just for the sake of playing it. He enjoys it, […]

According to Gizmodo this group of Polish daredevils explored an abandoned gold mine and then built some sort of bungee jumping contraption with lots of rope so that they could free-fall into the black abyss. Their jump which was 255-feet long would bring them a few feet within reach of the mine floor. From the […]