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TDW posted this video of a Polish LOT 767 airplane landing successfully on the tarmac with zero wheels. The landing gear was apparently stuck. Amazingly, no passengers were injured!

Wow, what a great version of “Rill Rill” (or whatever the original track is that Rill Rill is based off of). Anyway, HTC wished their riders well in this year’s Tour de France with this fantastic video of bike riders of all types cruising around Warsaw, Poland.

Have you seen the movie Tangled? No, well let me ruin it for you very quickly: In the film there’s a scene where an entire village lights paper lanterns and lifts them up into the air to watch them float away. This town, apparently, exists in real life in Poland where they did the same […]

Looks like somebody forgot to close a hatch which would have prevented all of those lottery balls from flying out of the machine. Thanks for making me laugh, Poland! [via]


Wow, these are fantastic photos of isolation from photographer Marek Wykowski. Click the thumbnails below to see them a bit bigger.