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An interesting video from The New York Times about the changing climate and what that means for the polar bear as it has less time to hunt for seals and more time to feast on geese eggs (which aren’t exactly healthy for them in the long run).

GUYS!! Explore has a live video feed of polar bears being active in the wild! Unlike polar bears at the zoo who just sleep all day long, these polar bears are running, fighting, playing, and just chillin’ like the cool animals they are! Check them out!


Coca-Cola and the WWF are joining together to protect and save the habitat of the polar bears. The conservation efforts go along with Coca-Cola’s $3 million contribution to the WWF and it’s first-ever white-can initiative being launched in Canada. Check out the video of the cans below. And watch this sad Arctic Home commercial that […]

I think it’s set in stone now that anything relating to Pepsi Cola these days is just utter trash. The design of the can, the taste of the beverage, and now, their commercials too. WTF is this? Who approved this?