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Heh, here’s a very niche blog that posts nothing but burgers being held by [mostly] women with highly decorated fingernails. It’s called Burgers and Nails obviously.

I feel like every time I watch a video from Put This On, I am amazed at how particular some articles of clothing require for the absolute best of care. In this case, shell cordovan shoes need things like deer bone rubbing and lots and lots of rubbing. I’m just not in this part of […]

Now that you know how to iron a shirt, here’s how to properly polish your shoes. Seriously, why do the Japanese look so cool doing these things?

Leszek Bielenda, a Polish citizen was told by a court that he was allowed to keep his 10-month-old cub, Simba, as a pet in his house in Glogow, Poland. This is pretty much how big I wish my cats Oreo and Dusty were.


Polish architects KWK Promes designed a house in Poland that hides most of itself from view by being almost entirely incorporated into the ground. The roof of the house is part of the grassy field that the house resides in and serves as an extension of the natural features of the area while also giving […]