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This is the most depressing video about American elections ever. There’s no democracy here. It’s all money.


There have so far been 3 episodes of HBO’s VICE television show, and so far, each one of them is shocking, enlightening, and raw. I know this is kind of jumping the gun a bit, but I am wholly convinced that this is one of the most important TV shows to come out in a […]

This is really interesting. Who would have thought that plankton would have such a huge effect on politics like this?

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The easiest way to watch live broadcasts if you don’t have a TV. There’s a schedule of when live broadcasts from different networks start. This is the future. No television. ALL INTERNET.


Right on the heels of this 3rd Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is this very interesting post on Reddit that asks: If you read Reddit it looks like Mitt Romney will never ever make it to the White House. But then you see the polls and they say he actually has an […]

Director Jay Roach pits Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis against each other in this hilarious-looking new film called The Campaign about two North Carolina politicians gunning for the Presidential seat!