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Photo by Herman Yung A new Marist Poll has found that a good portion of young New York residents plan to move out of the state in 5 years or less. Add me to that figure please. A sizeable proportion of New Yorkers, including more than one-third of those under age 30, may soon be […]


With nothing better to write about, The New York Post has published an article that takes a look at a recent poll from People Who Deserve It that asks New Yorkers to vote for their least favorite type of person. Reactions to the poll put slow-walking sidewalk blocker at the #1 spot with 29% of […]


In an interview with Tom Brokaw on Meet The Press, Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State under the Bush administration from 2001 to 2005, publicly announced an endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Colin Powell said he questioned Sen. John McCain’s judgment in picking Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate because he doesn’t […]