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There’s a pretty fantastic article over at The Verge published earlier this year about the¬†booming deer population in Staten Island. For a borough of New York City with no major natural connection to any other landmass, Staten Island seems like an odd place for deer to call home, let alone grow into epic numbers. And […]

This is weird. Not that the meat I eat already isn’t scientifically engineered, but making it in a dish seems…grosser somehow. But what do I know…

NPR produced this video about how the world’s population reached 7 billion in record time. They visualize the growth by using colorful liquid in dripping beakers. Not a bad representation…


Photo: Pavel Rahman/NYT The New York Times Lens Blog today posted this crazy photo of a train station in India being completely overrun by occupants and riders. The photo was accompanying their post on the world population reaching 7 billion today. Many assume that a child in India carries the title of being born the […]


New York City is a happenin’ place and it seems as if just recently the city has surpassed Los Angeles and San Francisco combined in the total population of people who describe themselves as Asian. The New York Times has an interactive map that shows you where most of us live and how the specific […]


Back in December, I posted a video from National Geographic about the world’s population reaching an estimated 7 billion in 2011. The video is now joined by this 2nd video posted below about the characteristics of the most typical person on earth (gathered from population data all around the world). By using an algorithmic average, […]