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These are on eBay right now for a crazy expensive price. Gonna wait a few weeks to see if any other store pops up with them.


This collection known as Hybrid from Seletti uses fine China to juxtapose images of traditional Eastern and Western plates in one setting. The designs were done by CTRLZAK and are based off of the CeramiX Art Collection.

Bobby Jaber here talks about his favorite pastime and one of his favorite shapes known as the “truncated icosahedron” that he makes out of clay.

Really love the Asian porcelain animation in this video. The video is of a website made for GE Chine by TBWA/DAN/Shanghai.

In 14 steps, Dave Hakkens made a porcelain jug shrink from a 5 liter container to a 10 milliliter container. Just for fun.

Stratigraphic Manufactury by Unfold at Istanbul Design Biennial from Dezeen on Vimeo. Antwerp-based design studio Unfold made a porcelain vase with a 3D printer. Cool!