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Watch this video of ABB’s automated container sorter and stacking machines at work in this Asian port. It’s very cool.

Cool. I just found out that Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport which closed in 1998 has just reopened as a giant, high-tech cruise ship terminal. It only took 4 years to build this massive 19-acre multi-story development. Pretty quick, no? Anyway, there’s concern that the terminal is built in a very dilapidated industrial part […]


I’m agreeing with Kero here, I would totally want this photo of Will Ferrell taken by Tim Barber as a poster.

Gameloft is set to release their own version of Blizzard’s StarCraft for iOS devices called Starfront: Collision. The game borrows heavily from the popular StarCraft game and there’s no telling how mad the folks at Blizzard will be about this (my guess is very). Has enough changed between the two games to warrant a noticeable […]

Holy cow. This catastrophic disaster should definitely be added to the Reddit thread of most expensive single disasters ever made. Seen in the October 17th surveillance video above is a massive landslide in the Manaus port on the Rio Grande riverside in Brazil. The landslide, which was caused by the construction of a new ramp […]