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If this becomes standard issue on routers in the future, man, carving and shaping things would be a heck of a lot easier. [via]

According to TDW, this dog named Bella has congenital megaesophagus which prevents her from eating food like a regular dog due to her esophagus not being able to move food down into her stomach. So during mealtime everyday, Bella gets herself into this feeding “Bailey Chair” and enjoys her meals that way. NO BIG DEAL!

OMG, this is so adorable and hilarious. Watch as this little girl tries so desperately to get her two feet to go into first position at dance class. [via]


If you’ve used Windows 7 at all you may have become accustomed to one of its better features known as Snap. If you don’t already know, Snap allows the user to easily resize and position a window simply by dragging it to the edge of the screen. It’s an invaluable tool for those of us […]