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Want to send a postcard? Why not a burger postcard? A set of 2 for $6.

I really love how Gangster Squad did their end credits to look like old postcards of Los Angeles.


Laughing Squid posted this video of a man who goes by the name of Mr. Bingo who has a service on his website that lets people pay him a small fee for the pleasure of receiving a piece of hate mail from him. It’s a humorous and highly successful venture for him as he’s now […]


Brilliant! Somebody took the botched restoration of the 19th century painting, Ecce Homo, by Elias Garcia Martinez and turned it into postcards.


If all is well and my plane doesn’t crash, then this scheduled post will go live just around the time my plane lands on the tarmac at LAX. From here on out, Doobybrain will run on PST! Give me some time to get settled and prepare yourself for a dose of extra fun in the […]