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Check out these Re-Vision Postcards from Form & Co. that turn your favorite superheroes (and villains and sports stars) into bold and colorful postcards. These unfortunately aren’t in production, but if they were I’d buy some.

The Greetings Project from Santa Maria on Vimeo. Here’s a fun little uplifting animation done on a bunch of postcards.


Images from Big Bang Studio This is the first time I’m seeing this. It looks like Big Bang Studio got their hands on a box of 100 Pantone color chip postcards (by Chronicle Books) and took some photos of this glorious box of color! [via] Check it out and buy a box for yourself!


Rochester Subway has posted a nice gallery of vintage Rochester postcards on Flickr. Some of the illustrations still look very much like the real city today, so much so that I can actually recall some of these from my last visit to Rochester when I went into the abandoned Subway there.


Designworklife linked to this fabulous Dribble page started by Geof Crowl of various designers making visual postcards for their hometowns. The artwork is superb all around and really plays with the character of each city that’s represented. Some of them are playful and silly while others are more serious and straight-forward, but there’s no doubt […]