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Did you know that ketchup is a non-Newtonian fluid? That’s why it’s so complicated to pour. And it turns out, it’s one of the more complicated liquids/solids studied in physics (according to the video at least).

There’s a healthy discussion/argument over in the comments section of this video above on how to pour a perfect glass of Guinness from a can. Some people are saying Guinness engineers their cans to pour perfectly each time and that you don’t need to do this. Others are saying that this is a great and […]


Roofers are a neat little cup lid designed by Shota Aoyagi to help produce a clean stream of liquid from any regular old cup. No drips!


Studio Glithero created the Poured Bar by pouring layers of colored paint on top of each other and then letting it set and harden. Once complete, the paint was flattened and flipped over to reveal a fluid and non-traditional bar counter top. Neat!


This project from Martynka Wawrzyniak is certainly mesmerizing. It’s so weird but I just can’t look away. And the most brilliant part is that not only is it 10-minutes long, but it also spans 2 additional videos! [via] Watch them in order: one, two, and three.


New York-based artist Holton Rower and some assistants can be seen in this video make what he calls a “pour painting“. Check out the beautiful paint drips and the wonderful color combinations! Thanks Lorena!