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Dillon Markey, an animator for Robot Chicken and PES, modifies a Nintendo Power Glove as a tool to shoot stop-motion video.


An Indiegogo project has combined the love of cooking/baking with the love for retro Nintendo artifacts like the Power Glove. For just $39, you can get one mitt (or $69 for two oven mitts) and bake away! Check out a video inside!

Did you know that there’s a Nintendo Power Glove documentary coming out? It’s called The Power of GloveĀ and it details Nintendo’s insanely fast production of one of gaming history’s most innovative products. It was way ahead of its time (just think, it took until the Wii for this 3-dimensional gaming peripheral to really take hold) […]

There’s something very mystical about this now-ancient video game technology. For one, there’s this appearance in this movie, and even though I’ve seen it mentioned time and time again in pop culture, I’ve actually never even used one. Probably a good thing though because the general consensus is that this thing really sucked.


Wikipedia has the largest hi-res photo of the Nintendo Power Glove that I can find. Fantastic!