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I wish Apple would tell us what these apps are that are being featured in their ads. I really want to try some of these out.


Tadao Cern posted over 100 photos to his Behance page showing a project called Blow Job where subjects are given the full blast treatment from a powerful fan and then photographed at high speed. Very entertaining set of photos.

I’ve never used a PaperPro stapler, but from what I’m reading on WIRED, this regular-looking stapler is the cream of the stapler crop! It makes use of a staple-gun-like mechanism that turns one finger’s 8-pound press into about 30-pounds of pressure. So if you’re stapling a large packet of papers, it’s as easy as doing […]

This toilet from St. Thomas Creations features the new Quattro flushing technology that uses less water than a traditional 3.5-gallon model. The Quattro toilet shown here uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and with its powerful direct-feed water jet, it can deliver incredibly flushing power so that you won’t have to flush multiple […]