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No viewfinder except through an add-on attachment is a real killer for me. That just sucks.


Remember when the Canon G-series cameras were big and bulky? Lately they’ve been pretty darn slim given their feature set. The latest in the lineage, the G15, has just been released and DPreview has got a first-hand look at it!

Should I pre-order the Canon PowerShot S100? I’m only wondering if I should because I’m afraid it’ll be completely sold out when it gets released. Plus, there’s rumor that it’ll have an early October release instead of the expected November release.

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Yesterday, Canon released a couple of updated PowerShot cameras and there’s really only one that stands out among them in my opinion. It’s the PowerShot SD4500 IS. It films in 1080p HD (unlike the S95′s 720p HD limit) and also features Canon’s first slow-motion video capture mode allowing it to take fast frame-rate videos at […]

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Tom Sachs took a Canon Powershot SD 780 IS and basically scrubbed off all of the Canon branding and then added his own hand-drawn Leica logo to the body. He’s selling the rebranded body for $2500 to anybody lucky enough to snag one (there’s only 12 of these made).

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Canon announced a new PowerShot SX210 IS today with a 28mm wide-angle lens and a 14x optical zoom. It records HD video and captures images at 14MP in a variety of stylish body colors, including this fantastic GOLD one above. I WANT THIS.