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Here’s a very raw practice/jam session with some really good beats to emulate. Note to self complete!

This is an awesome behind the scenes look at stuntmen for BTTF 2 practicing their maneuvers on the hoverboards scene later in the movie.

Man, walruses really look like old men. The whistling part was cool. Didn’t know they could do that.


Photo: David Goldman/Associated Press I guess this is how you practice in the battlefield.

Training Grounds featuring Ed Laforte, Matt Reyes, Matt Montoya, Alex Blanco, and Devon Lawson. Some of those falls look painful!

I know, I’m not getting very creative with these video names. So sue me (please don’t…no money). Anyway, here’s another video from our most recent practice session. I particularly like this video because it shows how well we know each other musically. Every once in a while we’ll lose each other mid-song because of a […]