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If you’ve never seen this movie, count yourself blessed, because it’s an unbelievable train wreck. Especially if you know NYC.

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This movie was so silly. A 2/7 (I read somewhere that rating movies out of 7 instead of 10 is more accurate).

I remember seeing his photo of his injury after crashing into a cab on set filming Premium Rush. Now here’s the scar it left behind.


To celebrate the release of Premium Rush, Affinity Cycles in NYC are releasing the Metropolitan track frame again in white and Met blue with a unique sticker pack to make sure you’re covered in terms of making your bike look as close to the movie version as possible. Get it now for just $475!


I can’t find any info on this except for this image shown at Flwrider, so I’m not sure if it’s real. Either way, seems kind of silly to have Republic Bikes build this when the official bike used was made by Affinity Cycles. UPDATE: Oh, apparently it’s a giveaway with Bossip.

Man, this movie has been in production for so long. I remember taking photos of it while they were filming and only now is the 2nd trailer being released. No date, just “coming soon”.