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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s engineering department hosts an open house festival every year and this year they demonstrated the load bearing capabilities of a concrete cylinder using a huge hydraulic press. This cylinder was able to withstand a good amount of pressure before…exploding. Neat video — and nobody gets hurt. Win win!


There aren’t a lot of posts yet over at The Detroit News Archivist, but already this site is proving itself to be quite a good one to keep track of as the photos shown here give a glimpse into the world of Detroit that many have forgotten and left behind. Fantastic large photos too!


October is going to be a good month. I want an iPhone that can fly.


The new Diet Coke can that I posted about earlier (and it’s clever box design) are being pushed out slowly this Fall and now here’s the official image of the new Diet Coke can. The enlarged monogram design was done by Turner Duckworth who has previously handled the design of other Coke products in their […]