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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s engineering department hosts an open house festival every year and this year they demonstrated the load bearing capabilities of a concrete cylinder using a huge hydraulic press. This cylinder was able to withstand a good amount of pressure before…exploding. Neat video — and nobody gets hurt. Win win!


This is a bit like the autopen machine used by President Obama except that this version shown here is a lot more precise and complicated. It can mimic brush strokes, pressure, and angle just as a human hand would when writing Japanese calligraphy.

GUNSHOT! What did they think would happen? Have they never pumped a bicycle tire beyond its recommended pressure? Those pops are loud!

Roger Linn invented this synthesizer that relies on finger pressure to produce realistic instrument sounds. Here’s another video of it in action.

Ten One Design designed a pressure-sensitive version of their Pogo stylus. Here’s the demo video. Neat!