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Prey, the best anti-theft capturing tool for Macs is now available for iOS devices. The new iOS Prey app is free on the iTunes App Store and should be installed by EVERY iPhone user out there if you ever want a chance to get your iPhone back if it gets stolen. What’s more, the iOS […]



olddoobybrain May 14, 2011 2 Comments

I was reading this amazing story on TUAW about a man named Sean Power who tracked down a thief that stole his 17″ MacBook Pro using the open-source and free Prey (available on Ubuntu, Mac, PC, Linux, and Android). The app, which I had never heard of until today, is a free alternative to the […]

I was just re-watching Jaws last night and now I find out that sharks aren’t exactly the king of the oceans like I had thought. It turns out that killer whales/orcas see sharks as prey sometimes and have even developed a clever way to eat them! CRRAAAZZZZYYY. Thanks Brenda!


Photo: Robert M. Palmer (Click to enlarge) Pierre posted a very stunning photo by Robert M. Palmer of a bald eagle catching mid-air prey and that got me thinking of what other photos like this Rob might have taken. It turns out he’s taken a lot.

It’s Thursday and I’m sitting at work watching this video over and over again. It’s just so damn amusing right now. [via]