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In a recent TED Talk, Monica Lewinsky took the stage to recount her personal experience with dealing with humiliation, shame, and cyber bullying (before it was labeled that).


If you haven’t heard, Amazon just raised Prime pricing to $99/year. Up until now, the Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) was $79. This price hike might seem a bit steep to some, but to me, this is still ok (especially considering how much stuff I get from them). For those who want to lock in […]

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Priceonomics works out how much you’re saving on average in certain cities by staying at an Airbnb compared to a hotel. US-only for now. On average, you save about half the normal price of a hotel room by renting a room on Airbnb. For those that travel on a budget, this is a significant amount of […]


I’ve been using this app called PriceWatcher that lets you track Amazon items based on price and availability. You can set alerts easily so you’ll be the first to know when something goes in-stock or when something drops to below a price you set. Pretty great for those non-essentials you just want a fantastic deal […]

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I guess I’m late to the game but I just discovered this website called CamelCamelCamel that does a good job of tracking Amazon (and Best Buy) product prices. Just tell it what product, how much you would like to pay, and it tells you when it drops below the amount you specified. Easy.