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Buy what you need, do not fill up. Ride a bike, get hit by a car. Try to walk, get hit by a car.

Back in December, I posted a video preview of a new street parking system being implemented in San Francisco where parking meters would automatically update street space information to your mobile device and/or computer so that you can know exactly where an open space is without having to circle aimlessly for blocks. Streetfilms has a […]

NYC The Blog posted an amusing video report about how some NYC residents are protesting fare hikes by buying unlimited Metrocards in bulk and then using them as group Metrocards or just swiping strangers through the turnstiles for free. An unlimited Metrocard in NYC can be used every 18 minutes as many times as you’d […]

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Starting July 1, 2010, domain registrations for .COM’s and .NET’s will increase (.COM’s by 7% and .NET’s by 10%). WHAT. -_-


Billshrink just posted this great chart showing the overall price of owning and using the Google Nexus One. The chart puts the Nexus One up against its biggest rivals — among them the iPhone, the Motorola Droid, and the Palm Pre. The multitasking row is a kicker for the iPhone. But overall, it looks like […]


I don’t know a lot about harddrives but I do know enough to see that Mac-ready drives are the biggest price-gouging scam that all major storage manufacturers seem to be running. If you’re a Mac user that can justify paying $10-$30 more for a process you can complete in Disk Utility in 30 seconds (formatting), […]