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One could live in New York all their life and never hear of a place like this. I certainly haven’t. But after watching this video from Lost & Found Films I am making sure to come here the next time I want an authentic diner experience in Midtown. Not only does the interior look amazing […]

A somewhat amazing enzyme nicknamed “meat glue” is able to be mixed with scraps of leftover meat to form what looks like a completely whole piece of prime cut beef. If done correctly the meat is hard to distinguish from actual real cuts of prime meat and the video above shows just how the process […]

Primereel! from Will Goodan on Vimeo. This is the video reel from PRIME productions headed by Will Goodan of California. It’s a lovely mash of colors, animation, and graphics that ends rather nicely with a unicorn popping out of a Lamborghini. Yes, that’s right. A unicorn comes out of a Lamborghini. Awesome? I think so!