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The exploration of the singular women among a mostly male cast in Hollywood films and TV shows.


This is so heartwarming. A girl who graduated high school recently got the surprise of a lifetime when her dad gifted her a copy of Dr. Seuss’ book Oh the Places You’ll Go. At first glance, the book seemed pretty normal — it’s a popular graduation gift after all — but when she was asked […]

Hahaha, the print ads for these just started popping up around NYC. Hilarious I think!

Westside Middle School Principal Bobby White is enforcing a Steve Urkel rule where if you show up to school with your pants hanging low, you get to have them hiked up way above your belly button for the rest of the day. The pants are tied with twist-ties and I can only assume that if […]

I had a good laugh at this clip from truTV’s show called “Principal’s Office”. In the clip above, two kids are called into the principal’s office to discuss dirty dancing behavior and the duo proceed to basically make fun of the situation by offering up all possible scenarios of inappropriateness. The principal seems satisfied in […]