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I’d like to try these! Pringles has introduced a Sriracha-flavored chip, exclusively sold at Walmart.

Is this the dumbest invention/modification ever? Not only does it complicate a really smart product package, but it also takes more time than either flipping the Pringles can over OR just spilling the entire contents of the can into a bowl (assuming that you’re eating those Pringles between a bunch of friends).

Who sticks their hand all the way into the can? Don’t you just tip the can to let the chips slide out?

I don’t know if this is related at all to the One Tiny Hand blog but this Pringles ad sure resembles it quite closely.


Does a pizza taste more like pizza if all of its ingredients are pizza-flavored? Kari Schuster of MPLS decided to find out and she concocted this insane recipe for a pizza  made out of pizza-flavored Goldfish, Hummus, Combos, Pringles, and Doritos. Oddly enough, this does look a bit appetizing. Thanks Brad!