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VICE’s Munchies show goes down to Guantanamo Bay to check out what sort of food prisoners are eating.


Interesting! I just learned from Gizmodo┬áthat┬áthere’s a giant floating prison in NYC called the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center. It’s located at 1 Halleck Street in the Bronx, directly across the water from Riker’s Island. Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center is a 625-foot long by 125-foot wide flatbed barge with 100 cells.

Louis Theroux is always a great narrator and host to a number of interesting stories and documentaries, but this one takes the cake so far. Miami Mega Jail delves into the horrible conditions in one of the largest jail institutions in the US, located in Miami-Dade County. Here, inmates are held for a seemingly indefinite […]