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If you haven’t heard, Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled in a political scandal involving her disregard in using government email accounts to conduct government business. This is cause for much concern since the whole point of government emails is to make sure that a trail can be made/read/obtained in regards to government business. Hillary’s use […]

PBS Off Book explores the current state of online privacy and what the variety of laws means for you depending on where you live. The outlook is not so bright, unfortunately. But fortunately, it’s not set in stone.


BMW Guggenheim Lab has created an interactive poll online called Public/Private that aims to compile data on where people in cities find private spaces. Is it at home? At the park? In public transportation? Take the survey and see where you compare to other people in your city and also other cities in the world.

I just started testing out this app on the iPhone called Gliph. Basically, what it does is offer you a unique and confidential email address which you can use for temporary communication, say, on eBay or Craigslist. It’s super easy to set up, free to use, and works as advertised. Can’t get better than that. […]