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The story goes that Brendon purchased this island (Moyenne in the Seychelles) in 1962 for about 8000 pounds. Since then, he has been pretty much the only human living on this island and he’s become friends with all the wildlife there. A beautiful place to live an entire life. So peaceful and harmonious with the […]

This is quite a lengthy video, but it’s worth watching to see just how the simple act of holding a camera in a public space has become an “act of terrorism” in the eyes of government building officials and private security in London. This experiment by Shoot Experience sends 6 photographers and videographers out to […]

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Love, love, love this series of photos by Joseph Holmes on people’s workspaces. Holmes’ photos attempt to explain and show how people make private spaces for themselves while still balancing the demands of the work place. He does an excellent job of capturing the light in these spaces. You should definitely check out the whole […]


TorrentFreak gave the entire internet a heads up on this wonderful site called Tracker Checker that checks open registration statuses of over 500 private torrent trackers. The number alone is astonishing as I had no idea that the number of private trackers was even close to 500. Anyway, all you have to do is check […]


Registrations for Demonoid are currently open! Demonoid is one of the better private trackers for torrents and it is where you can often find torrents that are available nowhere else. Keep in mind however that you must seed in order to stay a member, so if you’re prone to leeching, don’t even bother because you’ll […]