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INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo. Davis Johnson and Paul Rojanathara (and R&I Creative) have released the trailer for this documentary film called Influencers that looks at how trends, ideas, and products get passed by influential people across the entire world. Judging by the trailer above, this film looks like it’s going to be […]

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Google’s got a long list of official blogs and sometimes it’s just too many individual sites to follow if you’re looking for what’s new with Google. To help make it all simpler, Google has launched Google New, a site where you can check out everything that’s new that Google is launching/testing. This should make things […]


Halski Studio created the simple and fun product packaging behind Better Life Green Cleaning Products. Each product label has an illustration of how that product can be used along with a clever slogan that might help you remember which product you’ll need for the next mess you need to clean up. I like it.


This is Michael Albert’s map of Manhattan made entirely out of letters taken from advertisements and commercial products. The whole collage was completed in Fall 2008 and it measures a whopping 32″x40″. By using these letters, Michael Albert spells out the locations of places and districts in Manhattan. The artist says that there is a […]


Bobby shared this gorgeous Puzzle Rug by BarberOsgerby which features 2D colorful representations of other BarberOsgerby furniture products. This is truly something I would love to have either on my wall or on the floor.


I love looking at hi-res images of just about anything (except maybe bugs and insects), so when I came across the product section of Jones Soda I was surprised to find that all hi-res product shots were available for free download. No stupid registration or reason needed. Just lovely images of Jones Soda products up […]