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Business Week lays down the details on the upcoming Citi Bike program launching this summer in NYC. According to the graphic, the bike is made so strong that it’s basically being called a two-wheeled tank. It can withstand more force than a car and it’s designed in such a way that there’s minimal welds on […]


This summer, New York City is launching its first bike-share program along with Citi. The Citi Bike system will consist of over 600 bike share stations and 10,000 bikes which can be rented by just about anyone for a variety of pricing structures. For those who are used to services like Zip Car, the Citi […]

Look at DARPA’s new suspension system designed for field robots so that they don’t get stuck on big obstacles or inadvertently trigger mines while traversing tricky terrain. Impressive to say the least. [via]

Walter Kump made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He does the computer voice very well. Watch!

There’s a lot of geek speak going on here, but Redmond Pie is reporting that an iPhone hacker/programmer has successfully bridged his car alarm system to work with Apple’s Siri so that he can remotely lock and unlock his vehicle using his phone and voice controls. Here’s another video of him starting the car.

NYC announced recently that Alta Bicycle Share will supply the city with a bike share program that will provide NYC residents with 10,000 bikes at over 600 stations to use for whatever they please. Membership is expected to be about $100 for an annual membership and there will be pricing for weekly and monthly tiers […]