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Portrait of a projectionist from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. This video here of Ridwaan Fridie from Cape Town, South Africa might make you think of this video I posted earlier of Temujin Doran (also a projectionist). Both of them are a great look at how movie magic happens behind that glass window in the theater. […]

Willow – Sweater from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo. Holy crap, this music video for Willow’s “Sweater” is amazing. Using a simple white sound stage and a tiny camouflaged treadmill, the lead singer manages to travel to projected worlds and locations while successfully fooling the viewer into thinking that it’s taking place somewhere other than the […]

2012 Yeosu EXPO HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP – Hyper-Matrix from yangsookyun on Vimeo. This is amazing! Some sort of project for Hyundai.

Maga is a young cancer patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital and her doctor’s noticed that she kept saying that she missed her cat the most. But due to her condition, she is isolated in her hospital room. So what did the doctors do? They brought cats — a lot of them — to her room […]

DUALITY – Atlantic City Sound and Light Show – July 4th from Moment Factory on Vimeo. Never seen this before. Looks amazing as all 3D projection mapping videos do.

Augmented Reality – Projection Mapping from Dane Luttik on Vimeo. Dane Luttik created this short documentary about the brief history of projection mapping with a thorough explanation by AntiVJ of how it’s all created. Definitely one of my favorite art forms to watch right now.