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URBANSCREEN turned the Sydney Opera House’s sails into real moving sails through 3D projection mapping. Just watch, you’ll be glad you did.

Using a set of Microvision pocket projectors, Nexus Productions created the world’s smallest chase on more than just a movie screen. Check it out above.

WNYC posts this video of a demo unit of an airport avatar that will soon make its way to NYC airports. The avatars are unfortunately not interactive and will only spit out pre-recorded information (or ads) at LaGuardia, JFK and Liberty Newark airports in early July. This sounds like a terrible idea. Why not go […]

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza created this light sculpture called “Nervous Structure” that is made up of 144 elastic vertical lines/strings that are illuminated by a video projector. Viewers can then affect the projection of the image on the lines by walking nearby or in front of the lines where a motion-capture camera interprets their […]

To launch the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia hired Deadmau5 and some fancy 4D projectors and took over an entire high-rise structure with it. Amazing!