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Willow – Sweater from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo. Holy crap, this music video for Willow’s “Sweater” is amazing. Using a simple white sound stage and a tiny camouflaged treadmill, the lead singer manages to travel to projected worlds and locations while successfully fooling the viewer into thinking that it’s taking place somewhere other than the […]

Using a set of Microvision pocket projectors, Nexus Productions created the world’s smallest chase on more than just a movie screen. Check it out above.

Say whaaattt?!? Friedemann Wachsmuth built a fully-functional Super-8 film projector out of Lego Technics! It even rewinds the video when it’s done!

Copenhagen-based MAPT made this public park bench called “The Playful Bench” to entice the public to be more involved in their surroundings. The project uses a projector to project images and colors onto the bench, and using motion detection, allows the public to play with its shape and colors as they walk on by. If […]

These folks from Japan (duh!) hook up a projector and a laptop to display a map of the Earth as it slowly zooms in via Google Earth. With fans and a couple of cables from the ceiling, they’ve successfully mastered the art of fake skydiving.